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Language Services

IJK provides various Language services to its clients which are:
• Interpretation Services
• Translation Services
• Transcription Services
• Website Localization with Translation
 Interpretation Services
IJK provides interpretation services from Japanese to English and vice-a-versa. Our expert interpreters have abundant experience in handling bi-lingual communication and pour the complete knowledge to bridge the language gap.

Types of Interpretation services that can be provided from IJK:
1. Simultaneous Interpretation
2. Consecutive Interpretation
3. Whispering Interpretation

IJK also provides all types of simultaneous interpretation equipments and carries out setting of such equipments for any event where simultaneous interpretation is required..
 Translation Services
IJK translate documents, available either in electronic form or printed form, from Japanese to English and vice-a-versa. Our amiable and expert staff is committed to deliver the translation of any type of document be it legal, financial, medical, technical or any other, on time to the utmost satisfaction of the client.
  Transcription Services
With the shrinking of the global frontiers, the demand for transcription services in multiple foreign languages is increasing. Transcription services are widely used by businesses to maintain archives of important conferences and meetings. We at IJK specialize in transcribing audio & video files in the same language as that of the audio file i.e. transcribing an audio & video file in Japanese into a text file in Japanese. We can also provide the translation of the transcribed contents into English language.
The transcription process is mainly a two step process as mentioned below:
 Website Localization with Translation
In this modern era, an attractive, well-written, concise and culturally appropriate website is an integral part of any business operations. Many times, a company is evaluated by its website content. Thus, it is very essential that a website visitor can easily read and understand the organization`s business. But creating a complete new website in different language is a very time consuming and cost intensive process. To cope up with this issue, we at IJK assist our clients to do website localization, wherein we translate the complete content along with the complete “behind the scene” data of the website into an appropriate and accurate way for its new language or location.

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