IJK Group is a consulting organization that works primarily in the domain of India-Japan relations. IJK Group was established in 2006, with a clear vision to strengthen business, social and cultural linkages between India and Japan, the two great nations of the Asian continent. Headquartered in New Delhi, the IJK Group aspires to serve its customers as a One-Stop Solution Provider, while keeping in mind our contribution to society at large.

Our vision is to strengthen the relationship between India (I) and Japan (J) and bring them as close as they are in the English alphabet, while also contributing to the local Indian community.

We intend to provide a complete business solution to Japanese and Indian companies with the proper blend of talent, expertise, technology, trust and cultural fit.

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IJK Group

IJK Services Pvt Ltd

IJ Kakehashi Services Pvt. Ltd.

Provides an array of solutions to its valued clients encompassing both consulting and business support services.

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IJK Enterprises

Focuses on trading of commercial products between India and Japan.

IJK Plus Alpha Advisory Pvt. Ltd.

Provides a wide basket of India entry related consulting services to its clients who are looking at enhancing their business footprints in the Indian market.