IJK has a 360-degree focus on different aspects of India and Japan's business and cultural relationships. As an enterprise when you venture into a new country, you would surely look for two things. One reliable source of information and knowledge in this age of information overcrowd, and the other one is a trustworthy facilitating partner who can assist you in multiple matters of challenge.
Further, it would be certainly of great advantage if such a facilitating partner understands both the countries business and culture, along with the capability to address your business needs. IJK brings along the experience of association with Japan since 1994, thus it is well-positioned to provide both the aspects to you as a single window. We ensure to stand on the forefront and address all client needs while we take the best of available support of our trusted partners who are enablers for our business ecosystem.

Our USPs
  1. We only focus on India and Japan as our target geographies
  2. Our in-depth understanding of both cultural and ethical aspects of doing business in both India and Japan
  3. Trust-based relationship and long-term orientation
  4. Reliable network of highly efficient and experienced professionals, associates and partners
  5. In IJK we focus on providing a feasible solution to all complex problems

IJK believes enterprises must shoulder the responsibility of viewing and aligning businesses from the perspective of sustainable development, social contribution, and social relevance. As a part of pursuing this quest, IJK has been associated with a few large projects funded and supported by JICA. JICA is an organization under the government of Japan, not only funds government projects under the official development assistance (ODA) but also funds projects led by private Japanese companies where the projects ultimately fulfill the much-needed social development agenda in the developing countries. Japanese companies having awarded such projects need a reliable execution agency to partner with, locally. In recent years IJK has been the execution partner of two such projects successively.

Following feasibility studies are examples of such projects:
1. “Improving Vitamin-A intake in the BOP segment” by a product from Kagome.
2. “Environment hygiene awareness education through storytelling” using Kodansha’s picture books.

Other CSR initiatives of IJK

1. Continued support to Kechla, Odisha, tribal school children education through Sri Aurobindo Ashram, New Delhi.
2. Donation to the various social organization including the government Relief funds.
3. Comic reading for women empowerment.