Market Entry Strategy

Entering a new market or to operate there, takes much more than thorough market research and the right product/service. Before taking a big decision an enterprise, especially SME companies must look at less risky and non-intensive investment options.
The options could be to start with an alliance, trading through a distributor, or making a presence in the form of the liaison office, branch office, project office, or wholly-owned subsidiary, a joint venture. Further, the selection of region and segment among the host of options also becomes an important part of the market entry strategy. Such options need to be weighed based on not only the strength and weaknesses of the enterprise but also based on what each of these options entails in the form of possibilities, compliance, or restrictions.

IJK assists its clients to evaluate such options and provide valuable advice and strategy using an expert knowledge base. Moreover, IJK provides services to execute these options once it is finalized by the client.