Market Research

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Our Goal is to Transform "Data into Information" and "Information into Insight."

At any stage of business, irrespective of pre-entry or post-entry, market research becomes inevitable. Sometimes the client may have certain assumptions that are validated by detailed market research and sometimes it is for fact-finding. In either case, it helps the enterprise to build a strategy to develop a product or service or position an existing product or service to an appropriate segment.
IJK encourages clients to engage in deliberation and discussion with the IJK team to share the broad objectives of the research and not only indent the task. It is found that at times that lack of such exercise leads to a weak and not so useful research output leading to a waste of time and money.
Over these years IJK has successfully assisted many clients to carry out various market research projects across industry verticals. The scale of these ranged from small scale market research study, consumer survey, to large scale feasibility study spanning over years. We have experience of carrying out a macro-economic survey, consumer acceptability survey, demand study, pricing level study, regulatory ecosystem research, import-export survey, consumer lifestyle survey, competitive landscape research, research related to the retail distribution system and sanitation infrastructure survey to name a few.
We have experience of simple primary research through field survey, to complex primary research through home visits, focus group discussions, and one to one interviews of subject matter experts. Further, we carry out secondary research through not only publicly available data but also deep mining extended content and research papers.