Project accomplished by IJK: Survey on BOP business in India on nutritional supplement (Vitamin A) products
Project for: Kagome Co., Ltd., Japan, a project aided by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) under Japan’s ODA program
Implemented in year: 2013- 2015
Location: Bangalore, India

IJK’s Role: Indian partner of Kagome Co., Ltd., for implementation of the project

Objective: Targeting BOP level population in India, the objective of Kagome Co., Ltd., Japan was to set up a business of carrot jam which would be a nutritional supplement (vitamin A) and through this project with a vertically integrated business model, by seeking cooperation from the local partners, develop the business of carrot jam. In the overall process of the value chain, from cultivation to awareness campaign activities, the company intended to make contributions in resolving some of the social issues of India, including problems related to agriculture and nutrition.

Following were some of IJK’s key roles and involvements

  • Survey for carrot cultivation and raw material procurement: Facilitated visits in carrot cultivation areas in south & some parts in north India, interviews of local farmers and people related to agriculture were held.
  • Arranged workshop on the market and business environment, and needs of BOP people: Invited experienced professionals to participate and meaningful discussion was held. Valuable inputs and advice were given to the client.
  • Hypothesis Validation Survey of Product Concept, Sales and Awareness Plan
  • A survey was conducted for BOP people (more than 100 people) for prototype product: The objective was of validating and reviewing the product’s concept, product design, promotion, and awareness plan.
  • Survey of distributors and retail stores: Interviewed prospective distributors, retail stores who could take up the sales activities, the information was used for making a business model.
  • Survey for Planning Awareness and Communication-NGO survey: Besides pursuing the business perspective, in order to conduct awareness campaign activities for BOP level people on the necessity of nutrition and vitamin intake, probable NGO groups who could be the partners necessary to implement the activities were listed. Conducted interview survey and comprehended the interest level of the NGOs to render cooperation in this project and gathered information about the necessary condition, etc. to pursue the project.
  • Arranged for appointments between client and high-level officials of Karnataka government related to agriculture: IJK accompanied the client for the meetings and felicitated the meetings. Significant information was obtained from the govt. officials who agreed for further cooperation.
  • Provided client reports on competitors in field jam, etc.: For a better understanding of the market, IJK conducted research on competitors.