Language Services

IJK Japanese Language Services
Because every word matters

With increased globalization and the advent of high-end technologies, the language barrier has become thin if not irrelevant in the past decade. IJK has traveled this journey through providing very high-quality language services such as interpretation, translation and other related services. We at IJK believe that these services require skills far beyond only language skills, such as the ability to read the environment, have general awareness, good etiquette, etc.

Translation services

IJK provides translation services of documents ranging from technical to business in the form of presentation, whitepapers, financial reports, etc. We also take up full-fledged localization work of the website, software, brochures, collaterals including DTP work.

IJK Japanese Language services
Interpretation services can be the following types:
  1. Online/Digital interpretation
  2. Consecutive interpretation (After the speaker speaks a few sentences the interpreter speaks)
  3. Simultaneous interpretation (the speaker speaks without waiting for the interpreter and interpreter sits in another environment and speaks simultaneously as the speaker speaks)
  4. Whispering interpretation (While sitting behind interpreter whispers only what the other person speaks)
  5. Liaison Interpretation (Interpretation for a small group of people)

IJK recommends its clients and discusses in as much as possible details to understand the exact need. There could be various interpretation scenarios such as bilateral high-level meetings, an international conference, stage presentation, online interpretation, government meeting, business negotiation, pharma audit, legal case or factory level interpretation and so on. Careful selection of interpreters fitting to the environment and the context is very crucial hey for the successful engagement of our client. We at IJK understand this very well and therefore assign suitable interpreters from our pool of talented and experienced interpreters, by doing a 360-degree evaluation of the engagement.

To give total support to our client we also provide simultaneous interpretation equipment as a part of our MICE services.