Human Resource Solutions

For any organization, the right blend of workforce selection is the key to its growth. At IJK, we understand the importance of the right blend of Human Resource and have an expert team which helps our clients to acquire world-class manpower and management services.
We understand the importance of quality and always try to achieve the clients’ expectations along with personalized and focused services.
Our constant endeavor is to offer the right Human Resource solutions at the right time and enable our clients to do seamless business.

The major support services that we offer to our clients in the HR domain are:


Recruitment of the right candidate is the first major step for any organization to evolve. IJK completely adheres with this thought and assists its clients to recruit the right candidate who can get along well with the organization and can help in the mutual evolvement of the organization as well as himself. We help to bring the best employees and the best employers together.

HR Manual Customization for India

IJK supports Japanese companies to customize their HR Manual and policies to be in line with Indian requirements and to make it in compliance with Indian labor laws. We assist our clients in formulating or modifying HR policy manual covering various policies like recruitment & selection, induction & orientation, probation & confirmation, payroll & employee benefits, working hours, holiday and leave, etc. while taking care of the Indian legal framework.


We at IJK along with our team of associates provide complete payroll solutions to our clients. We help our clients to develop a complete salary process cycle. We also help in developing a salary composition structure for the employees of our clients.

Temporary Staff Solution

Sometimes, our clients need manpower for a stint. We assist our clients in the recruitment of the best industry expert to work for the organizations as temporary staff, thus helping our clients in controlling cost while not compromising on the timely delivery and quality of the assignment.