Training Services

Through this arm of Business Support services, we assist our clients by tailoring Japanese language and cultural training courses for them. Online language training services are also available.

Teaching Japanese

Language training courses

IJK offers different Japanese language training courses that can help you to enhance your language skills for better communication with your clients, suppliers and colleagues. Our customized language training courses are specially tailored to meet our clients’ specific needs - whether one is a beginner needing basic Japanese language training or one already speaks the language but needs to graduate further in some particular industry domain. Thus we try to map our language training offering to the specific needs of the client.

Customized / Individual Training

IJK specializes in offering customized Japanese language training modules tailored to any specific industry domain. Such courses can be designed either on a full-time business track pace or a more flexible pace with progressive development over a period of time.
We also offer individual one-to-one Japanese language training courses to Indian professionals like doctors, lawyers, fitness trainers, and others, so that they can in turn service their Japanese clientele in a much better manner.

Individual Japanese Training
Business Etiquttes

Business Japanese Language & Etiquette's Training

Japan being a very disciplined nation, it pays deep attention to the business etiquettes. Japanese business manners and conversations are very intricate and having understanding of the same can certainly be a huge advantage in enhancing business relations with Japanese companies and people as well. Keeping this aspect in mind, IJK also offers training modules in:

  • Japanese business language and conversation
  • Japanese business etiquette

Hindi Language Training

IJK also conducts Hindi language training classes and cultural orientation programs for Japanese expatriates in India